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Automatic binding, CP Bourg BB3102 EVA, BBL, CMT-130


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* CP Bourg BB3102 EVA, BBL, CMT-130, Year 2011
Ref D8955
Automatic binding line with three knife Trimmer
Counter: 643000 books
Equipped with:
. Panel control with color touch screen
. CP Bourg BBL book loader up to 120 book blocks
. Milling wheel with Slitting
. Cover creasing
. Side gluing device
. CP Bourg 3002 avec EVA binder
. Cover feeder
. Delivery BBR
Cover size: mini 100x201mm - maxi 385x750
Bock size: mini 195x127mm - maxi 385x320mm
Thickness: 1 to 60mm
Speed: 600 cycles/hour / 400 books/hour

Challenge CMT130, Year 2011
Standalone automatic Trimmer
Feeder and Vertical stacker
Books size: mini 102x148mm - mxi 229x305mm
Thickness: 51mm
Speed: 200 books/h (simple) - 500 books/h (multiple)

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